American Tourist’s perspective
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Traveling tips to Iran from an American Tourist’s perspective

An American tourist named Silvia Lawrence recently traveled to Iran, after her return she received several emails from her fans asking to share her travel diaries with them.

 img_30021 So she decided to share her experiences about Iran with her fans. She introduced some of the most important & efficient tips that every tourist should know about Iran.

  • Find a host for your first night in Iran & then stop planning for spending time in this country.

With the 2 weeks visa that she has, it was impossible for her to visit all the Iran’s tourism attractions, so she decided to spend time with Iranian people instead of visiting this country’s historical monuments or tourist spots. In this way, she could know Iranian cultures & customs & obtain incredible experiences. You should always find a good host to provide you with suitable information.

  • Spending 5$ a day will be enough.

Perhaps most visitors want to spend much more money than Silvia in Iran but she only has 400$ with her & finally she could save some money when her 2 weeks travel ends. Iranian people makes taarof a lot. You may be their guest most of the time during eating food or buying things.

However there is an important point that every tourist should pay attention to it, foreign credit cards are not valuable in Iran. So all tourists should bring enough cash with them.

Generally, traveling to Iran is much cheaper than what you expect.

American Tourist’s perspective
American Tourist’s perspective
  • Learn to count & write from 1 to 10 in Persian.

When you enter a shop & you’re able to read & count in Persian it will help you a lot. It will help you to understand the price of things & besides, shopkeepers will be happy & surprised when they understand that you can speak in Persian. So remember to learn to count from 1 to 10 in Persian.

  • If you are a women you should remember to wear Hijab.

Foreign tourists are not familiar with Hijab but they should remember to wear Hijab in public places.

Most of the foreign women are not satisfied with wearing Hijab. No matter that it is true or not, but it is important to respect to other nation’s belief.

  • Certainly drink Doogh

Most of the foreign visitors enjoy drinking Doogh & its taste. As far as they call it as a miracle elixir. Imagining eating Iranian traditional food along with drinking Doogh is very enjoyable for foreign visitors. Tourists are interested in drinking traditional Doogh.

  • You will love Iran.

Besides its people’s hospitality, Iran has lots of natural scenes & historical places that you can enjoy visiting them. Surely most of visitors will miss this country when they return home. When you speak with Iranian people you can simply see kindness & goodness in their face & whenever you are their guest they will do whatever for you to make you happy & satisfied.

Iran would be a wonderful destination for foreign tourists.

 American Tourist’s perspective



  • Try to visit all its cities.

Each city has lots of tourist attractions that you can enjoy visiting them. From north to the south of this country are valuable to visit. Remember to visit its marvelous historical places, take photos of them & try each cities delicious food.