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Travel literature of foreign tourists about Iran

Reading foreign tourists travel literature who visited Iran is always exciting & incredible.  We can see that how do we & our culture seem from foreigners perspective?

Taarof is confusing

Most of the tourists write their travel literature when they return home. Most tourists seemed confused due to the Iranian culture of Taarof. Every tourist who faces to this culture experiences some tough moments. To some of them, Taarof seems like a dreadful monster. Nike is one of the tourists who faces this culture in Iran, he believe that this culture is a type of try to show Iranian generosity. He expressed that there is a complex rule in Iran named as Taarof that you should be careful about it. Iranian people like to do everything for their guests, for example, they may say that they will not take any money of you for what they have done but it is not true. In reality, they want to take money but they think if they say so, it would not be polite.

Travel Litrture
travel litreture Iranian people are kind, friendly & lovely

Despite what western media reports about Iran, all tourists claim that Iranian people are kind, friendly & generous. Iranian hospitality is famous in the world. You may find lovely people all around the world but Iranian people are the loveliest one. All tourists claim that Iranian people are the most warmhearted & hospitable people that you have ever seen. They may drive hundreds of miles to a place that you want to go, despite their destination is completely different with you. In their opinion, God is the host of guests, so they respect guests a lot.

If you seem a bit thirsty, there would always be someone that invite you to drink a cup of tea in their house. Wherever you seem to get lost there would be someone to help you. They are truly kind.

Iranian are not terrorists

One of the most important jobs that tourists do after they returned home is that they try to change their countries view about Iran. Some of their views are extremely dreadful that makes tourists family frighten when they hear they want to visit Iran.

One of the tourists answered current Questions of its followers about Iran to make them clear about this country. He wrote that some people think that Iranian are Arabs but they Aren’t, some other think that Iranian are terrorist but it is not true, some of you may think Iranian hated foreigners especially American people but they don’t. However, if you see their history you may see why they should hate them.

 Travel Litreture


Deep security in Iran

This country is in deep & pure security despite all of the negative propaganda against it. Actually, the safest country in the Middle East is Iran. Contrary to the numerous wars in the Middle East that all countries are involved in, but Iran is safe. So this country is the best destination for foreign tourists to spend time in. Visitor may feel real security & will be free to visit everywhere they want. They may not have any frightening feeling in Iran.