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Russian tourist luxury train comes to Iran

Russian luxury train which is going to transfer about 40 tourists with the cost of 20 thousand euros for each passenger will enter Iran in the near Future.

 Russian tourist According to the Russian railway company’s Schedule, Tourists’ Russian luxury train will start its travel to Iran from Kazansky railway station in Moscow on September 11. 2016.

Sputnik news agency quoted Russian site named as said that a luxury train with tourists from different countries such as Great Britain, Spain, America, Australia, Canada and South Africa in a -18-day journey through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will visit Iran.

It is added that the train will pass through the Great Silk Road & Territory of Ancient Persia. In addition, Tourist will visit Russian spaceport which is located Baykonur, Kazakhstan.

According to the schedule, tourists will spend two night in five-star Hotels in Tehran & then visit other Tourist Areas. After this Experience, there are two other Similar Luxury Tours which are scheduled for 2017.

 Russian Tourist