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perm_contact_calendar  October 17, 2016 
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Russia will cancel Visa for Iran

Russia’s Federal Tourism Agency head announced about visa cancellation for Tourism group in Iran & India.

 visa cancellation Russia’s Federal Bureau of Tourism announced that Iranian Tourists are among 20 first countries in the world who visit this country. He announced that over 35 thousand visas were issued for Iranian citizen in the last year. It is estimated that the figure will be double in next year. Based on the reports most Iranian tourists will choose Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi in Russia as a tourist destination.
Early in February last year, an agreement between Iran & Russia’s Presidents has been signed for facilitation of visa issuing process for the both countries. At the same time, there were some rumors about visa cancellation system negotiations and these rumors lead to this fact that visa become as the first tourism topic between the two countries.  visa cancellation
 visa cancellation This statement aimed to facilitate visa issuing for both countries citizens, businessmen and also scientific, cultural & artistic’s participants as well as students & tourists.
Iran & Russia then expressed their hope to strength their bilateral relations in different fields.