Isfahan Music Museum
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Isfahan New Music Museum

According to Guardian, Isfahan New Music Museum is a place to show Iran’s local musical instrument.
It reported that in a Green street at a historical district in Julfa, far from naghshe Jahan Square & Isfahan’s historical bazaar, you may face to Isfahan’s Music Museum.
This small museum was constructed last year by the efforts of Mehrdad Jayhoni & Shahriyar Shokrani who are the local musicians in Isfahan.
 Isfahan New Music Museum
In this Museum over 300 types of musical instrument are demonstrated from all around Iran.
According to Guardian’s report Fiddle, Tar and series of Drums & Dhols which are made of Animal’s skins, along with Flute & Nay, Nomads Camel’s bells & a beautiful & marvelous Harp are all kept in a luminous container in the Museum or all hanged on the white walls. A small description in Persian or English are kept below each instruments & visitors can touch some of those instruments that are not as expensive as others.
Visiting this museum will be enjoyable for tourists because they can listen to Persian traditional Music & Poetry that are performed by Iranian scholars.  
Although it is not a long time from the opening of the museum, it won two big rewards. It was selected as the Iran’s best private museum by international council of museum.
Isfahan Music museum is the first private music museum in Iran which is consist of two hall named as national instrument hall & local instrument hall. In this museum various series of Iranian instruments are kept.
 Isfahan New Music Museum



It is good to know that despite the fact that this museum is really new but most foreign visitors who visited this museum commented their positive views on “tripadviser” website. For this reason it became the main tourist’s attraction of Isfahan.