Iran is safe & secure
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Iran is one of the best and safest tourism spot in the Middle East

why should you visit Iran? despite the regional conflicts in the middle east, this country is in deep security & safety.  furthermore, this country has the marvelous historical Monuments in the world.

It is expected that due to Barjam agreement between Iran and P5+1 and sanctions lifting, Iran’s tourism industry bloom. There are lots of historical monuments in Iran because this country has one of the oldest civilization in the world which traced back to 4000 years before BC.

According to reports, despite Iran’s bad figures in west, this country is the safest country in the Middle East for foreign tourists to travel.

 Iran is safe & secure
 635161261420947798 Iranian people are very kind and friendly & their hostility is famous in the world, generally this country is much more open than you expected.

Unlike most cities in the Middle East, Iran is very clean. Generosity is a remarkable feature between Iranian people which is rooted in their culture. As we noticed before hospitality is another feature which is very bold in this country, whenever they feel that you’re not familiar in the country or you lost, some people will help you voluntarily.

None of the regional conflicts in this part could influence Iran’s security, so this country is still safe for foreigners.

Perhaps comparing world’s historical monument is not a good job but clearly, Iran’s historical places are more spectacular than other countries monuments.

Iran’s tourism industry now need to increase its foreign visitors to see & admire its lesser-known Treasures.

Iran is safe & secure