Iranian Dish
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English journalist’s Special report about pure taste of Iranian food


Food is an amazing tool to explore Iran, a country which has wonderful local foods like as different kinds of stew, different kinds of Rice & desserts.

Yasmin khan, English Chef & writer published a detailed report about colorful & tasteful Foods of Iran.

She published a book named as Saffron Tales in which she wrote about Iranian foods recipes’.

Imagine a green scene which is full of paddy rice, bushes of teas & olive trees. Iran is a land full of golden Plum, juicy peach & delicious figs. I followed all of these pleasures & more of them when I traveled to Iran to explore their kitchen’s secrets.

 Iranian dish
 iranian dish During my travel to this country, I face Iranian Suitable & appropriate attitude toward myself. Whenever I entered a city, people invite me to their house & provide me with their delicious & tasty foods. They even share their food’s recipes with me easily & completely.

Iranian food Culture is different in each part & they use different Gradients in their cooking. Iranian dishes are served along with special local drinks, Saffron, Dried lime & Torshi.

You may see different local foods in each city which are delicious & wonderful. Due to its freshwater fish & Caviar, north of Iran’s culture food is full of fish & Vegetables. This part is a suitable place for vegetarians.  In the south, local foods are very spicy & delicious. You may see some similarity between Iranian, Arabic & Indian foods in this part.  In the center part of the country, food’s culture is different too.

Iranian people cook a kind of food which is called as khorosh, they use vegetables, Nuts, dry fruits and etc. in it.

iranian dish



At the end I suggest those people who want to experience tasty different foods to visit this country.

what do you think about Iranian dish? have you ever eat an Iranian food? if the answer is yes, please share your experience with us.