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Chinese journalists who visited Iran

A Group of Chinese journalists which are consist of 37 members had visited some cities of Iran recently.

chinese Tourist According to the report, these journalists were of Chinese’s national television, the country‘s social media Websites, Satellite Channels of Xi’an, Ching Hai, and some others province, Chinese daily newspapers & news websites who came to visit this country.

This group came to Iran in order to convey the message of peace, security & safety.  Based on what was reported in the media these journalists started their Road trip from china, then they entered Iran by passing Ardabil, Tehran, Isfahan & Yazd and they visited these cities attractions. They are also going to visit Shiraz & Sistan and Baluchestan in future.

The biggest Factors of peace, friendship, and security between nations are the existence of shared cultural & civilization factors between nations & the important shared factors between big countries like china & Iran are their cultural, historical & civilization factors. These Journalists will leave Iran by passing through Pakistan border & after passing India they will return to their own country.

They decided to share their experience about traveling to Iran with their people. if this happens it will help Iran’s Tourism industry very much.

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