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American Luxury Tour in their way to Iran

An American travel agency named as “Abercrombie & Kent” is planning a luxury tour to Iran.

Washington post has reported about the entrance of new American tours to Iran. After Barjam Agreement, Iran faced to a dramatic increase in the number of foreign tourists. It is predicted that by the end of the year, the number of tourists will increase up to 5 million people.

Besides Pilgrim tourists who make up a large part of foreign tourists, there would be a lot of tourists from western countries who would travel to Iran.

 Amercian luxury tour According to the latest statistics among western countries, the number of German’s tourists are the most in Iran. Despite negative propagandas in western countries against Iran, it would be noticeable that American people have lots of interest to travel to this country. There are lots of American citizens who show their severe interest to visit our country.
According to Washington post report, one of the American luxury travel agency is planning to send a tour in May to Iran. Based on the same report, Iran is a four season country with lots of tourist attractions which can interest every people to visit this country. Monuments, religious sites, natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, sea and desert include such attractions.  American Luxury tourist


In this regard, the American luxury tourist agency named as “Abercrombie & Kent” plans to hold a tour for those who are interested in visiting Iran. Stephanie Shmod the manager of the country added that we feel Iran is one of the most attractive places to travel. So due to the agreement between Iran & 5+1 group, we decided to plan a trip to this country”.