Iran's advanture
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Adventure in Iran by Guardian’s Suggestion

Iran is a country which is full of historical & natural attractions for Tourists but it is not Known Properly in the world. people all around the world don’t know anything about this country or have incorrect information.


1-Culture & Architectur

Qom’s Mosques and religious centers, Persepolis in Shiraz, Houses’ amazing architecture in Isfahan, Kashan’s gardens, Hafez and Saadi’s tombs in Shiraz and Nasir al-Mulk Mosque all are created with Iranian and Islamic architecture.

In all the cities of Iran, you can find traces of ancient culture and architecture of Iranian People.

 kavir-desert 2-Kavir & Lut Desert


Due to Geographical position, Iran has many beautiful Deserts that each of them has its unique features. This country can easily use its natural attraction but first, it should create its utilization’s fields.

In addition, to enjoy Iran’s beautiful deserts, there are some off-road tours that would be Exciting Experience.

3-Epic & History

This country has been attacked by different enemies during History but none of these invaders could not ever change Iranian culture & history instead, they changed their invaders’ cultures. They always impact on others culture.

 Epic & History
 backpacking 4-Backpacking

It is said that you cannot travel individually in Iran but it is not true at all. Each year many Tourists travel to Iran in the form of backpacking & enjoy their trip a lot. It would be better for tourists to travel in a group, it is not only secure but also it is more enjoyable.

Travel costs would be very little in this country.


5-Traveling from turkey to Iran by train

Traveling by train from Turkey to Iran will have lots of adventure. After getting on the train in Turkey, tourists will arrive Tehran first. Adventuring in Tehran will start by visiting historical places, then they go to Isfahan to watch its beautiful places, then they travel to Yazd & finally they visit Shiraz & Persepolis with its incredible Architecture.



6- Iran & Iraq

By a 16 day travel, you can arrive Iran from its neighboring country, Iraq & be. You can visit the legendary city of Babylon, Kufa, Uruk in Iraq and Persepolis in Shiraz. You can see some points in common in these places. Their architectures are very similar to each other.

7-Damavand Mount

It takes 4 days to reach Damavand peak. It is the highest mount in Iran. Damavand is not famous only for its height but also it is famous for its beautiful & green valleys around it that people spend time there in vacations.

Damavand is an active volcano that lies off for many years, but in recent years there were some concerns about its reactivation.

 horse-riddng 8- Horse Riding

There are some tours that you can ride a horse for 10 days in the incredible valleys and nature of Iran. Imagine that you’re riding an original Iranian horse & you spend time with some natives & tourist in an untouchable nature.

You can experience eating Iranian delicious food & listen to traditional music as you set up a camp at nights.

9- Skiing in Iran

Dizin & shemshak are the most famous ski resort in this country, they attract many tourists by their suitable hotels & restaurants in winter. Both of them are located in Tehran. Another famous ski resort is located in Shiraz & it calls Polad kaf. You can spend good times there.

 festival 10- Festivals

Many religious & historical ceremonies in Iran during the year. These festivals are rooted in their history. After many years people still do these ceremonies with interest.

We can mention Kashan’s Golabgiri & Zoroastrian festivals. You can enjoy them a lot.